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Since 1995, the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway has provided visitors to Cairns an exciting experience of exploring the rainforest, with the opportunity of travel just above the canopy of the tropical rainforest, as well as paying a visit to the village of Kuranda that houses so many local attractions.

The Skyrail adventure enables you to sit in the comfort of a six- seater gondola, as it takes you slowly traveling along a 7.5km stretch of rainforest. What better way to learn and discover the ways of animals unique to Australia, as well as the opportunity of seeing other creatures and flora of the forest, and the vast variety of beautiful birds that enjoy life in the peace of a natural tropical rainforest environment.

Allow an hour and a half for a one way trip of Skyrail forest cableway experience or allow 21/2 hours for doing the return trip as well. Along your ride, there are two rainforest stations, Red Peak, and Barron Falls, where you are able to get off and take memorable photos or venture for further exploration of the rainforest.

While spending time in Cairns, your Kuranda Skyway Rainforest Cableway tour will certainly provide you the memory of a wonderful holiday experience, choose from a variety of Kuranda Skyrail Tour Options below.

KCSSkyrail + Kuranda + Coach
Kuranda-Skyrail-TerminalKuranda's most flexible itinerary - wander the Village, hop onboard Skyrail gondola & sail over the rainforest canopy. Transfer from Skyrail back to your hotel.
KSQSkyrail + Kuranda + Kuranda Scenic Rail
Kuranda-Boardwalk-RainforestA whole other world of light and shade in the rainforest! tour that guarantee's you maximum freedom & choice Enjoy your Skyrail journey with Skyrail Cairns.
KCSQSkyrail + Kuranda Rail + 4wd Guided Rainforest tour
Kuranda Skyrail Barron FallsA truly adventurous & exciting day, a local guide in a custom 4WD + Scenic Rail + Skyrail + Afternoon Tea.
C30SKYHot Air Ballooning + Kuranda + Skyrail
Kuranda-Skyrail-BoardwalkCombine a hot air balloon flight with a scenic tour to Kuranda and the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway. Return transfer from Skyrail to your hotel.
combo2Morning Green Island + Kuranda + Skyrail + Train
Kuranda-Skyrail-Boardwalk-RainforestRainforest & Reef in one day - on Green Island, swim & relax then in the afternoon ride on Skyrail to Kuranda and return on the Train.
big3Kuranda Rail + Skyrail + Tjapukai
Kuranda Skyrail Gondola Barron RiverA cultural & natural experience, see the rainforest from train & Skyrail gondola then explore the wonders of Tjapukai.
skytrainrainKuranda Rail + Skyrail + Rainforestation
Kuranda Skyrail gondola CairnsA great combination of local tours, take Skyrail, visit the village & Rainforestation Nature Park & Pamagirri aboriginal Dreamtime walk, then Kuranda Scenic Rail.
krstKuranda + Scenic Rail + Skyrail + Tjapukai
Kuranda Train sceneryGet looked after by a local guide, travel up by Kuranda train, down by Skyrail & have a buffet lunch at Tjapukai. The Full deal!
GkrstKuranda alles inklusive
Inside Kuranda Skyrail gondolaEmpfohlene Zeiten der verschiedenen Vorstellungen in Tjapukai Theater: Didgeridoo-Vorfuehrung sowie Moeglichkeit zum Bumerang-/Speerwerfen usw.


Hong Kong

4 5 1
The rainforest was so restful, we wanted to see more wildlife but we understand why not but we truly enjoy the historical train it was very good to experience.


5 5 1
This day was the best. We see rainforest that blows us away. We will be back, we liked this, maybe next time not Skyrail but more rainforest walks.


5 5 1
It was a very pleasant day that you booked us on. We enjoyed the old train immensly, thank you.